Monday, August 20, 2007

For those of you wondering what I've been up to the past few months, here's the latest news: I'm still working on printing up a little booklet with my cartoons. I was planning to have it finished by the end of this month, but it looks more like mid to late September. I was going to have a few color pages included, but when I found out the cost...well, let's just say it's all going to be in black and white (unless I win the lottery).
I also hope to resume posting new cartoons in a couple of weeks.
Check back to this specific post for any up to the minute details. Thanks for your patience!

* Update * The library cartoon book is finally reserve a copy and find out more info, please write to:


Erin said...

I'm here! I check for new cartoons every day; can't wait for the booklet! Let me know when it's done.

Jess said...

I check at least once a week for new cartoons. Congrats on your booklet.

bkwyrm said...

also looking forward to the booklet. hope you don't charge too much.

A Dawn said...

Black and white or blazing color, it will be great either way. I would toss my piece in the getting-color-printing pot, but I suspect I could not pony up enough to make it happen... because of, you know, me being broke. I'm always willing, though, if you think it would help. Then I could claim to be a patron of the arts. ^_^

Still, with the inevitable wild success of this first book of cartoons, maybe you can do a second, deluxe edition with all the bells and whistles.

Finally (because I'm secretly 8 years old): New cartoons! Yay!!!

The Mushroom said...

Waiting. Make it happen. :)

Jayson said...

Thanks for all the support! Things should get rolling soon.