Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm posting this as some kind of preemptive strike before everyone leaves for the holiday weekend. This cartoon is 98% true and happened to me just today. I've learned in life to try not to judge a book by its cover, but this patron looked like he didn't even know what yoga was. Not sure why he requested a copy of this particular magazine, but it sure made my shift all the more interesting. Guess this means my vacation is over with...?


A Dawn said...

Meh, probably he was looking for a specific picture or something... let me guess, the 2% that isn't true is that he wasn't actually a Neanderthal, he just seemed like one? I'm glad that the summer has given you some new material to work with.

Yay for the return of Turn the Page! *tosses confetti*

Ritchie said...

Dood, your page sure tickles my funny bone. Thkns for all the good times,

Jay said...

aint it the truth
you captured the tragic
poetry of the Periodicals Desk


The Mushroom said...

I think he meant three months ago since the new issue just came out. Or whatever he wanted to see was in an issue he saw two months ago in the doctor's office, therefore it's actually in a 2005 issue. :)