Friday, December 22, 2006

Attempting to straighten out shelves in certain sections of the library and making sure they're in proper order can be an arduous task...especially in the early morning when the brain is still half asleep. I'll try to squeeze in one more cartoon before the new year arrives. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Oh, God, you know the worst section to organize in my library? Children's non-fiction. So many numbers on such thin labels. And of course since the books are thin because they're for kids, there are a million times more books on any given children's shelf than adult shelf. It kills my eyes.
Anyway, thanks for the great comic!

Jess said...

I agreee, Children's non-fiction is horrible. I especially fear the 599's and 796's. Animals and sports are long and tedious.

naplblog said...

Time to let go of Cuttering!