Tuesday, December 26, 2006

While the reality of a situation like this isn't very funny, it does highlight the occasional encounter that one wouldn't normally expect to find in a library setting.
I just realized that the previous cartoon also ended with a person passed out on the floor. Hope I'm not falling into some kind of creative rut. Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve...see you next year!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My.

Makes me kind of happy I don't work in that building anymore.

Jess said...

They usually don't mean it. They just want some attention.

wanderingrose said...

Sometimes it does not pay to be nice.

I used to run the computer dept in a retail store. One day a man stood playing solitare while his car was being worked on. I figured it was a good way for him to kill time and did not pay a lot of attention to what he was doing.

When he moved on to another department, I found he has changed my passwords so I could not get back on and now the wallpaper of was of a goofy looking guy holding a sign saying "We don't need no stink'n passwords!"

He forgot one thing though...we still had his car, and he did not get it back until he put my computer back the way it was. :)