Monday, December 18, 2006

In this episode, I tried to see things from the viewpoint of a library clerk. Since I've never worked as one, I'm not sure if I pulled it off right, but my co-workers will let me know if I messed up. *Update* - Since posting this cartoon, it's been pointed out to me that library clerks are not supposed to comment on material checked out by patrons. Oops!


naplibrary said...

Oh, yes, you did.

Thanks for these great cartoons!

The Mushroom said...

The way I hear things... yes. The local library won't let you check things out if you have fines in excess of $10.

Now, the logical followup is what happens inevitably: the person protesting that they didn't check out the thing they owe a bundle of money over, or claiming that they returned it, or trying to finagle lowering the fine to where they can check stuff out again. Or my wife's favorite, acting like they don't have an account already and creating a new library card. :)

Jess said...

Oddly enough, it is people who have $20 in fines that really get mad or try to get out of it. The people with hundreds of dollars realize that they are in trouble and don't fight too much.

Anonymous said...

I like your style of drawing, and being a library clerk you have got it!
and yeah, unless they initiate comments on their materials content we can only have a look of disinterest.