Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is from an actual exchange between two patrons at our library. B.C.M told me how he overheard it during one of his shifts in Humanities and I decided to turn it into a cartoon.
For some reason I thought coming from royalty meant awareness of etiquette and manners...but that sure doesn't seem to be the case here. :)


ADR said...

Oh, that's just sad. You expect to hear that sort of language on the street, or maybe even in the Popular Library, if someone is being particularly uncouth... but in Humanities? Such disregard for library etiquette; I truly despair for our society.

Anonymous said...

Your library needs a proofreader for its shelf-end labels. "Genealogy" has only one 'o' in it. This looks like you couldn't decide between the (correct) "genealogy" and the common misspelling "geneology".

Jayson said...

Thanks anonymous! I didn't realize I had misspelled that. Guess I was concentrating too much on what the patrons were saying...kind of embarrassing since I work at a library. Error has been corrected. :)

Angelina said...

Sometimes I find the best entertainment is to just listen to people. They say some ridiculous stuff. Seriously, go to a public place like a park or a mall for a couple of hours and write down the snippets of conversation that you hear. It's great. I had to do that for a writing class project once and I got some golden story material.

Also, I recently got a gmail account and apparently it lets me sign in here and not be anonymous. I've been the one previously posting as anonymous and signing them as Angie. Yay? I guess so.

Anyway, great comics. Keep it up!