Friday, November 30, 2007

The tone might be a little harsh, but I ended up drawing a rough draft for this cartoon after what seemed like a day of endless Wi-Fi inquiries. Our library doesn't officially have Wi-Fi access yet, but will hopefully get it soon.
Posting this cartoon earlier than scheduled, because I'm heading out of town for the weekend. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Great comic. Keep it up.
My alterior motive for this comment was a website question. Usually when I click on the picture, it just opens bigger in another window, but this time, it automatically downloaded the image to my computer. I read it and deleted it, but I was wondering what the deal was. Thanks and have a good weekend.

ADR said...

A bit harsh, yes, perhaps. But it can be hard to field the same question repeatedly and not want to throttle the person currently asking it.

I hope you enjoy your weekend jaunt, and have a brilliant holiday! Speaking of holidays, I have a little package for you, nothing fancy.

Jayson said...

Angie - Thanks for the comment. You're right about the image downloading stranger than normal. On my past posts, when a cartoon is clicked, it just shows up in the same window. But with this most recent post, when clicked, it brings up a download box. I checked the Blogger Help Center and it seems to be a known issue that they're working to fix. Hopefully soon...thanks for the heads up.

The Mushroom said...

It opened in the window, not downloaded, for me. *shrug*

My wife lives the life -- the local library system does not have WiFi but people constantly ask.

Jayson said...

Thanks for the comments, Mushroom. Glad to see you back.