Saturday, February 17, 2007

Remember those microfilm machines from when you were younger? I barely do. Well anyway, our library has a few machines so people can look up archived magazine or newspaper articles. We get all kinds of questions and concerns about their use, so this cartoon is a result. It may not be a very original idea, but I couldn't resist.
Almost forgot to put in the logo this time, which explains why I barely fit it into the upper left corner in tiny print.


The Mushroom said...

Ahh, microfiche. The most useful toy in the school library but the one they'd never let you play with because there was too much potential for damaging the film... or the machine. Luckily I avoided writing papers. Or going into the high school's library.

adawnrae said...

Sadly, that does not look entirely different than my first time on those machines. Thankfully, I haven't been asked to help anyone else operate them.