Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our library system has a large number of employees and I'm still somewhat new to it, so I can't be totally at fault for not knowing who's who. In all truth, I find it commendable for a person to stay at a job for a long time and see it through to retirement, especially if they still enjoy what they do. And who can turn down free food?


A Dawn said...

If you make it all the way to retirement, slick, I'll make sure I'm there with bells and a party hat on... and a poster sized blow-up of this cartoon, just to remind you why all those newbs you don't know are really there.

Anonymous said...

For me it was not a retirement party, but a birthday party for one of the board members who was turning 80. This happened during my first few weeks on the job, and I barely knew the names of a handful of regular employees, nevermind the higherups that no one ever sees. I was definitely the youngest one at the party.

mrk said...

dude, once again this mirrors precisely my experience at PSU. creepy!