Friday, May 02, 2008

I've fallen behind schedule with my usual posting because I didn't have a cartoon ready for this past Sunday (sorry!). I finally finished what I've been working on and was going to wait a couple more days, but decided to hurry things along and just get it online.
This "page-centric" cartoon and idea came from one of my top contributors, R.K., but I altered it somewhat. Originally it called for a different end result and arrows pointing to all the different changes that had taken place through the course of evolution, but I didn't have enough room (even with this wider than usual panel!) and had trouble ending on a convincing note. After staring at the computer monitor for what seemed like hours and nearly giving up, for some reason my brain came up with (had to do a little Google search to find the name) the Martian Popping Thing™...??!!!


The Mushroom said...

You're implying the pages take all the stress. They may do all the heavy lifting but they don't have to answer questions. I think this Martian squeeze thing applies more to the reference librarian or, according to my wife, branch assistants. :)

Anonymous said...

Dude! The "Martian Squeeze Thing" is called a "Bug Out Bob". I got one for Paul a few years back when I was traveling a lot. The toy stores at the airports had them. They're GREAT! HA! -AJ