Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sorry it took me so long to post a new cartoon, but I've really fallen behind schedule! I recently got back from a trip to the Southwest and didn't have a buffer of cartoons waiting to upload (which I thought I'd have after all my time off this summer). Now that the weather is cooling off and getting rainy, I'll probably have a lot more time to plop down in front of a computer and get back to business.
This cartoon is just having a little fun with that Homeland Security color chart that seems like it was made for three year olds.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff JC! I would have liked to see what level a patron viewing "objectionable material" would have rated. Keep up the good work.

ADR said...

Anger Mangement Guy! *is delighted* Unfortunately, I know some people like that.

Yay for he re-return of you.