Monday, May 14, 2007

I've had this concept in mind for a while now, but couldn't quite figure out how to condense it into a cartoon. I wanted to pay homage to the Twilight Zone series and somehow fit a library theme in there...such as the classic episode "Time Enough At Last."
Unfortunately, it's very difficult to come up with an original idea these days, so what I ended up with is somewhat generic, but it still cracked me up...and that's what counts, right?


Dawn said...

I've had nightmares about work, but being threatened by books has never been one of them. I don't think it is generic at all, but perhaps I am just out of the cultural loop here, as usual... how often have you seen someone cornered by a bunch of irate books?

The Mushroom said...

I get cornered by books all the time, but they're not irate to my knowledge -- just a little dusty and smelling of mildew. It's my sinuses that get irate.

Very good 'Twilight' episode concept, Jayson. Hopefully this will never happen to you. It could turn out more like Hitchcock's The Birds. :)

Jayson said...

Thanks Mushroom. When I finished this cartoon, it reminded me of Hitchcock's The Birds...good call!