Monday, March 19, 2007

There's a certain patron that visits our library occasionally who we've found doing stretches and light exercises amongst the shelves. I don't think there are any rules against that, it's just kind of awkward to see. I'd like to thank the boxes crew from last week for helping to come up with the idea for this cartoon. And thanks once again to my viewers for all the comments and suggestions.


Dawn said...

*haha* The first time I saw him, I went running to our intrepid lead to ask if it was against the rules. It was just too weird. Personally, however, I think the guy who titters in the corner of Hum S is far more disturbing.

Endless material for you, eh?

Anonymous said...

man! that's so funny! I was trying to teach a class in the lab the other day and right out the window was this guy working out. A bit distracting, but oddly funny!

Liadan said...

Sort of in the smae category of activity: Once someone whipped out their prayer rug and faced Mecca in the corner of our computer lab, right as we were closing that day. Again, no rule against it, but a bit awkward! (I chose to ignore them until they had finished...)