Friday, January 19, 2007

Originally I heard this story from a couple of co-workers and got a good chuckle out of it...the randomness of the situation and the way they impersonated the patron made me think it would work well to post as a blog. But translating it into cartoon form has proven to be exceedingly difficult. Not sure if I did it justice, but it was worth a try.


mrk said...

we have a lot of drunken patrons here, too, but generally they are accusing me of ruining their lives and occasionally lunging over the counter at my throat with their sharp, dirt-encrusted fingernails.

Rachel said...

I've had similar patrons to deal with myself. But they were not as kind and complimentary as the one shown here. Your co-worker was lucky to get this kind of kindness! Mine always were snoring of trying to eat a full meal in the stacks.