Saturday, January 27, 2007

In one of my conversations with R.K. at our place of work, he brought up some of his favorite book titles. After laughing until my stomach hurt, I thought it would work well to try and interpret them as cartoons. There are a couple more titles he had which didn't make it into this post, but it may become a continuing series. How to build a T-Rex skeleton out of chicken bones??? Yes, these books really do exist.


Anonymous said...

i would love a 'books of the weird' booklist

Kate said...

What about "Knitting with dog hair?" That one is on my list of all time favorites.

The Mushroom said...

The craft book which tells how to make cute little angels out of tampons. And there's a sweet little rhyme about the angel that one can put on a tag and connect to the finished product.

True book title (which I have checked out from the local library before): Breast Growth Through Positive Thinking

mrk said...

What a coincidence, I'm working on the manuscript for "How to Write and Publish Useless Crap for Morons".

Anonymous said...


On a daily basis I have older faculty come into the library and say
"I can't find what I'm looking for. Do you have a list of everything you have?"
My answer, yes we do it's called the online catalog.
"That would be on the website. I'm wondering if you have a printed list of everything you have."
No we don't have a printed list as it would be the size of a dictionary and since we acquire new titles daily it would never be up to date. What were you looking for?
"Oh I don't know I just thought I'd find it if I had a printed list."

Can we say technophobe?

Anonymous said...

I think any of the "for dummies" or "complete idiot's guide to" books are rather scary. I once saw a complete idiot's guide to parenting. There is no end to the number and variety of stupid things that the public apparently wants to know.